2021 February Newsletter

General Meeting:  February 4th , Location: VFW   Time: 7:00 PM

Board Meeting: February 18th , Location: TBD.  I like Fricker’s though.

Zoom Available : Click here -> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7695443882?pwd=VitIa2N1N1lyOUFpVUtXbCtKaG9HZz09

Pres. Tony Glaser, VP Ren Large Treas. Mike Behr, Sr., Sec. Thomas Scherz , Sgt @ Arms Sarge Shearer, Board Members: Denny Huxel 21, Steve Gartner 22, Tim Burke 23, Tom Koenig 24  

DUES ARE DUE! :  The board has voted to amend the By-Laws to offer a Family membership for $80 and an Individual membership for $60.  Individual membership will be available to all genders.  The new By-Laws will be presented at the General Meeting in March to voted on.

Good and Welfare: Our friend and member, KC Bierbaum lost his life suddenly.  He was always ahead of the curve of life.  Living life to the fullest.  Getting the most out of every moment.  Believing deeply in the brotherhood of fraternity that bonds us.  He will be missed.

2021 38th Anniversary Family Ski Trip:This is Dennis after drinking 25 shots of Fireball Whiskey, with a known ingredient called propylene glycol (less toxic version of human anti-freeze). Brutal Ski Trip for Dennis! Knocked out on his 3rd Run, Broken Hand, Black Eye, Bruised Ribs, Broken Goggles, Broken Glasses, and a lost cell phone. But… he had a great time! Bonus, he was rescued by Trinity and got a 1/2 off rebate on his Ski Rental.

38th Anniversary Skit Team

2021 Super Bowl Party:  Date:  February 7th.   Where : Soccer City Field D.  When: 5:30 PM  We are hosting a Super Bowl party at Soccer City Field “D” building.  The club will provide pizza, beer, salad, snacks, and dessert.  Sponsor : Sarge

Bierbaum Celebration of Life Fundraiser:  Date:  March 6,13,20  We are hosting a Celebration of Life Fundraiser for Bierbaum’s kids.  There will be Split the Pot, Raffle Baskets, Dinner, and Drinks.  There will be a $10 donation at the door.

2021 Jeff Ruby Stakes:  Date: March 27  Where: Newport Racing and Gaming Time:  1:10 PM Post Since Turfway is under construction this year, we are taking the party over to the new Newport Racing and Gaming.  Sign up: https://www.facebook.com/events/915229685886589 Sponsor: Thomas

2021 Mystery Trip: Date:  June Where: Mystery  Time: Somewhere within 4 hours.  Robert is starting to put the details together on the Mystery Trip. Sponsor : Robert Rudy

2021 Forest Freedom Campout: Date: August Where:  Wullenwebber’s Forest Freedom Lake.   We are bringing camping back. Sponsor:  Jason Wullenwebber

Committee Reports

Scholarship : We are planning a 2nd golf outing in May.  Sarge is confirming the date on a Saturday for the 2021 Scholarship Fund.  Ren is taking volunteers for the 2021 Scholarship committee.  Applications are due by March 31, 2021.  Representative: Ren Large

911Steel.com –  Mike Cannon and Robert Rudy are putting together the 2021 schedule.  Representative : Robert Rudy

Support our Troops –  We are organizing the events for 2021.  We have 2 soldiers and will resume sending boxes February 17th.  Representative : Ren Large

Bob Blaylock Children’s Fund – We are always looking for new opportunities to directly affect the lives of local children.  Representative : Jim Wray

Foundation:  No donations were made in January/

Jokers Wild:  The jackpot is over $500  There are still two jokers out there.  Dues must be paid and present to win.

Florida Chapter / Texas Chapter / Indiana Chapter:  It looks like the Florida chapter is settling in.  Any updates?

Would you believe?  

  • Sarge can still ski!
  • We have a new Grand-Darryl this year.  Congratulations Joey Rudy.

Events looking for Chairperson : Bardstown / Buffalo Trace Jail / Curling / Cincinnati Roller Girls / Winter to Warmth 2020:  Racquet ball tournament in Key West!   / Roller Skating Party / Mammoth Cave Camp-out

Community Rewards: Remember!  Do all of your Amazon shopping from smile.amazon.com to make sure the foundation gets the rewards.

The Burke Brothers Furniture company is selling 


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