Softball Team

Around 1968 when most of the Goodtimers had returned from their tour in Vietnam.  A few of the guys (Mike Behr Sr.) decided to open up a bar called the Bachelor’s Three.  This was on Colerain Ave, near St. Ann’s church.

After sitting around the bar for a few months, somebody got an idea to start playing in the local softball league.  The games were played behind St. Ann’s church.  So the Apple Corp softball team was born.  Guys were rough back then.  Playing in their camouflage if necessary.   Each game started with drinks at the bar, a parade to the field, the game, and then back to bar for drinks afterwards.


As the Goodtimer’s club grew there became more and more interest in finding a club house which had some sustainability.  Tom Ashpaw and Ray Lippert found the Grove down on route 128.


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